About Us

Boost Traffic Flow is a traffic exchange service on the Internet. Our service allows you to promote your social media pages, website, video links to other registered members through social share. We help you to get organic traffic to your social media pages, website. We do not use machine generated traffic, bots and we do not promise you to get millions of traffic. We only facilitate real human traffic by sharing their social media pages, websites among registered members.

Over Exciting Features
with many custom components

Upload Your Social Media Page/Website

Submit your social media page/website to start getting organic traffic flow to it

Social Exchange

Social Exchange awards points by sharing social contents and websites


Media Exchange

Media Exchange awards points while sharing video contents

Earn Revenue

You can also earn revenue by visiting users sites and converting points into earnings

Discover Great Features

Boost Traffic Flow is one of the most reliable and safe traffic exchange system

Easy Networking

Connect and communicate with other members. For every member site you share, you receive points which you can use to promote your own social pages, websites to boost organic traffic flow.

Fully Responsive

Boost Traffic Flow is a fully responsive traffic exchange service, works perfectly on each and every device.


How It Works

Here is a short list that explains how Boost Traffic Flow works

Our business is digital-marketing and driving organic traffic to your social media page or website from all countries across the world.
We drive web traffic by displaying your business page or social media page to real people through the social sharing efforts.

Sign up for a free account

Sign up for a free account to get started. It's quick and easy. All we need from you is your desired username, a valid e-mail address and your password. If you sign up now, you'll get 100 free signup points instantly! Once you have completed signing up, you will be sent to member dashboard where you can explore our awesome features!

Add your social media page/websites

Click on the Websites tab in the navigation bar to create your first campaign. With a basic account, you are given 2 social media page/website slots for free to promote. If you need more social media page or website slots, you can always upgrade your account.

Surf for traffic points

You can always earn points by sharing the other members social media pages or websites in your own social media platform. You will find the availability in the Social Exchange and Media Exchange tabs.

Here are the answers to some questions that we get asked frequently

What is the benefit of signing up?

Sign up if you wish to take advantage of real people visiting your social media page or website, gain points, get support and be able to login from different devices.

Is it like buying subscribers or views?

No. We do not pay people to view, like or subscribe to internet content. It is a visitor's liberty to engage with any content.

Can you guarantee the effect of your services?

We can guarantee real human visiting your business page or social media page through social share. We do not use machine generated traffic or bots.

Do you accept all URLs?

Yes, except for the illegal ones. The page that you use for your campaign cannot contain any of the following:
  • Additional pops including javascript prompts, windows that load with your website, windows that load when a user exits your website, automatic download boxes, etc
  • Sound (background or flash)
  • Frame breaking code
  • Scripting that alters a user’s browser
  • Adult or illegal content
  • How long does it take to approve a new URL?

    With our dedicated support team, we aim to cut approval (or disapproval) time down to 30 minutes.

    is your service available worldwide to everyone?

    Yes. Our traffic exchange service is available worldwide to everyone

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